Why me as a coach

Why did I choose this profession?

True story. 

Imagine growing up in a household where there is a lot of tension. It was around 1980 and the recession in Europe was in full swing. This also impacted my parents. Every summer we drove to the car grave yard to purchase a new clutch system for the car. As a family outing. Simultaneously to the car we drove – my father and mother were heading towards a mental breakdown and the tension between them was palpable.

Now you have an image of a nice household of members going on trips together – kids in the back seat and an argument hanging as a dark cloud above their heads. Me and my older sister knew very well without a warning or explanation, the atmosphere could flip around and explode.

There and then, I became interested in how internal and or external conflicts reside, how we all get triggered in different ways, how we are all differently wired, multiple perspectives and stories of the same event, how everyone builds up their unique internal model of the world, the way we learn, behave, interact.

And how it all interconnects.

Every action – what am I saying here – I mean, every intention you have, has an effect on your environment.

Ripple effects, system thinking, creating a better world by examining and developing your internal model of the world.

Why do I do it in my specific way?

I have spent a lot of years observing people, asking questions, being curious, checking assumptions, becoming aware of my own interpretations, keeping open to multiple truths, synchronicity, vulnerability and compassion for people as we all try the best we can.

I believe deep down, we all just want to be happy and be able to provide for our families and enjoy our friends and relatives. Conflicts get in the way. We are too much in our heads. Too much is the ego at play.

Why? – because we all fear. The fear of rejection, fear of enough money, or for enough food on the table, fear for our safety, fear of intimacy.. and so on..

Why should you choose me?

My mission is to propel you on a leadership journey from the mind to the heart. Developing your leadership style based on inclusion, safety, awareness, collaboration, innovation and fireworks. And therefor you have to dig deep, do the work and get to know yourself. Embrace the good, the bad and the ugly parts of yourself. To be able to fully show up. To be present. To be authentic. Without holding back. Full permission. To be brave and dare to lead.