If we haven’t yet met, I’m Marijne van den Kieboom, Executive Coach & Leadership Trainer. I empower mission driven organizations and leaders like YOU……

Get ready to amplify your impact, unleash your full potential, and support others’ growth to build a thriving organization.

Years of experience in coaching and leadership development

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Since launching my coaching practice back in 2006, I’ve been drawn to executive coaching. I specialize in the kinds of “soft skills” that actually spell the difference between a competent leader and a truly brilliant leader who makes a lasting impact and contribution to this world.

I am here to help you rediscover and challenge yourself.

How I became a coach

Growing up in 1980s recession-era Europe, the tension in my household could be felt in the air.
Without a warning or explanation, the atmosphere at home could become explosive.

To survive, I became hypervigilant — and also highly empathic. My ability to read people and understand their drives  and motivations became my talent. Along the way, I developed an almost-scientific love for the development of everyone’s unique internal model of the world. Different perspectives, interpretations, assumptions. Many years later, pregnant and married, I found myself with golden handcuffs to my corporate salary as the breadwinner of our small family of four. I felt the call to take my coaching practice full-time… but was I ready, and did I have the courage?

Just as I now encourage my coaching clients to make bold and heartfelt decisions in life and work, I knew there was only one way. Forward. Leaning into the discomfort and making the leap. Since then, I’ve loved every minute of sculpting my own business, being a role model for my young daughters, doing what I love —and of course, learning and being inspired by my executive clients.

My mission is to propel you on your leadership journey as you rediscover yourself and optimize your game.

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