If we haven’t met yet, I’m Marijne van den Kieboom, psycholoog, executive coach and leadership trainer. I empower mission-driven organizations ande leaders, like you…

Be prepared to increase your impact, unlock your full potential, an support the growth of others to build a thriving organization.

Years of experience in coaching and leadership development

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Since launching my coaching practice back in 2006, I’ve been drawn to executive coaching. I specialize in the kinds of “soft skills” that actually spell the difference between a competent leader and a truly brilliant leader who makes a lasting impact and contribution to this world.

I am here to help you rediscover and challenge yourself.

How I became a coach

In my youth it was the era of recession all over Europe. In our household I felt the tension in the air.
Without warning or explanation, the atmosphere at home could suddenly become explosive.

In order to survive, I became hyper sensitive – and also highly empathetic. My ability to read and understand people about what drives and motivates them became my talent. Over the years I have developed an almost scientific love for the development of everyone’s unique internal model of the world. Different perspectives, interpretations. Many years later, pregnant and married, I found myself in the position of a well paid job and as the breadwinner of our small family of four. I wanted to make the switch to continue my coaching practice full-time… but was I ready and did I have the courage?

Just as I now encourage my coaching clients to make bold and honest decisions in life and work, I knew there was only one way. Go for it. Brave the discomfort and dare to take the plunge. Since making the decision, I’ve loved every minute of it building my own business, being a role model for my young daughters, doing what I love – and of course learning and being inspired by my executive coach clients.

My mission is to propel you on your leadership journey as you rediscover yourself and optimize your game.

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