Intervision for teams

You work with a group of people on the same level. And you want to make time to reflect on your work. So that you can have a sounding board together. Reflecting, advising each other, learning from each other. Under expert guidance.

Dat kan. Met begeleide intervisie

Marijne met groep coachees

What is intervision?

It is a professional exchange between employees who work in the same field. This can be at any level, so as managers themselves or as colleagues.

The aim of intervision is to promote the expertise of those involved and to improve the quality of the work. The topics may include: substantive work, leadership topics, professional experiences, limiting feelings and beliefs, organizational changes and developments and questions surrounding it.

Intervision is inspiring, deepening and focused on development on 3 levels:

  • individually,
  • on a team level,
  • on an organizational level.

You can yourself put together an intervision group, for example from the same company. Or you can gather a group around a profession or subject. Think of a profession such as POH-GGZ or peer supervision around leadership. An intervision group consists of a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 8 people.

The intervision group offers a safe and inspiring environment that stimulates professional learning capacity and that focuses on solutions and development.

Why is intervision more than worth your investment?

Due to the many and rapid developments in this current time, employees (at various levels) must ensure that they can keep up with them. Through (additional) training and intervision, good employees can be retained for the organization and that less experienced (young) employees learn in the workplace and receive additional training if necessary. Intervision plays a crucial role in the changing labor market. Employees can further strengthen their professionalism through intervision.

For business, education, and healthcare

Intervision for teams is the appropriate development method to inform employees about developments in the work and the need for training. The intervision supervisor or coach can motivate and guide the participants to eventually set up and supervise self-managing intervision groups. This way, reflection on the functioning of the entire organization is facilitated and a learning organization is created.

Training Persoonlijke Effectiviteit 2018


Depending on the composition of the group and the number of participants, a 3-hour intervision rate is assumed, including handouts and preparation time for € 690.- (excl. 21% VAT and km allowance).

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