Hans Valkenburg is an interim professional in organizational change. His challenge was to increase his effectiveness as a leader for the purpose of developing stronger teams.

Frederique de Jong is manager on a University of Applied Sciences and in leading her team of professionals she wanted to gain more clarity and overview in order to focus more on strategy and long-term goals.

Marijne as a coach is very pleasant, calm and to the point. 4 words to describe the coaching experience are practical, effective, focused and inspiring. The results or effects from the coaching were a better understanding of myself and what I really want. This helped me identify (personal)opportunities by challenging my comfort zone and perspectives. I therefore can certainly recommend Marijne!
foto aashna pancham
Aashna Pancham
Innovation manager, ABN Amro Bank
Marijne as a coach is thoughtful, straightforward and pleasant. The results from her coaching were being more effective in my role and reflecting on situations by taking a step back. I’ve learned to let go of irrational thoughts, embrace that it’s okay to be insecure and the importance of a good work-life balance. I would recommend Marijne, because she challenges you to work on your goals but at the same time provides insightful guidance to reach them.
foto Robbert Haessen
Robbert Haesen
Finance Manager, XXImo Mobility & Amaze Mobility
I experienced the seven coach session in the past 9 months as a real game changer in my life. My life (work and private) changed enormously. A personal journey where Marijne suggested several initiatives (books, small movies, other sessions) besides the coach sessions, I did them all, which resulted in a much more conscious, connecting, and happier Rogier. ( And I was already pretty happy when I started;) I now have more intense connections with my family, friends and colleagues and myself. My manager was impressed by the “New Rogier” he called the sessions positive drugs and gave me a promotion. From the start I felt the sessions as a real treat. Looking back I am really grateful with this experience! Dikke dank je wel Marijne!!
foto rogier bogaerts
Rogier Bogaerts
Senior Equipment Specialist, ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance
Executive Coaching from Marijne for my next career step. The results from the coaching were a broad scale of techniques, when it comes to managing teams. This improved my way of delegating and motivating team members, and even others. Marijne is thorough and quick in understanding. She’s also capable of offering several matching techniques to overcome certain obstacles. I feel comfortable recommending Marijne to others in a similar leadership position, as I am very satisfied with the way she coached me.
foto Bulent Aydin
Bulent Aydin
EMEA Manager Customer Service, TE Connectivity
I got to know Marijne at a time when it was really needed. What she did was really great. Marijne listens very well, her knowledge and way of working: she knows exactly what to do to get you back on track. With her help I was able to find my way back to a positive future. The effects were: a boost in my self-confidence and a greater sense of freedom, as a professional and as a person.
Foto Arthur Strang
Arthur Strang
Plant Manager, Tsubaki Nakashima
Concrete results from the coaching are that I make more conscious choices. First I look at the workload of a certain task and determine whether this task is necessary. Marijne is very competent and offers a safe environment. There is a lot of room for personal input. She filters the problem and offers a certain exercise. I received tools to actually make the steps to implement my actions.
Foto Dominique Snijders
Dominique Snijders
Lecturer Law, University of Applied Science Utrecht
Marijne coached me in a 'jobcrafting' process: looking for a new way of working. Value-driven and genuinely interested in translating my motives into a concrete plan of action. Marijne clearly brings a lot of substantive knowledge to the discussions and uses this in a flexible way. What I liked is that this flexibility resulted in a very individual process; I never had the feeling that a program was being run. Partly because of this, the coaching has been very successful: I am satisfied with my new work and we did a joint evaluation with my supervisor. I would recommend Marijne as a coach because of her personal approach, expertise and sparkling personality.
foto robert wisse
Robert Wisse
Medical specialist and entrepreneur
During my coaching period I got to know Marijne recently as a pleasant and experienced coach who takes the time to listen to you, someone who also knows how to trigger your thoughts about things in a natural way. This has helped me to look at things differently in both my work and my private life. I am therefore grateful to her for these insights and would certainly recommend Marijne to others who want to get to know and improve themselves. I look back on a successful coaching period with her.
foto Jeroen Barendse
Jeroen Barendse
Lead Agile Product Owner and Senior Customer Journey Expert, ING Nederland
Right energy, good balance between talking, exercises, theory and explanation of the business side of the working world. Dear Marijne, thanks for your guidance! I have learned a lot and the coaching was a good mix between thinking about myself and exercises of real life situations. I appreciate your involvement!
Foto Suzanne Verschueren
Suzanne Verschueren
Lecturer Health Care, University of Applied Science Utrecht
Marijne’s coaching style is practical and result-oriented. She coaches in-the-moment and deals with issues in a is very versatile manner by designing custom-made experiments and assignments. As a result of the coaching I notice I am more aware of myself. I listen more to my gut feeling and I make different choices. Marijne is empowering, positive and is a confidence booster.
Afbeelding Bas Smit
Bas Smit
Organisational Advisor, Saxion University
The return of investment is roughly a 1000%. I am very excited to notice the ripple effect of the coaching process: it is measurable throughout the whole company! Very excited.
foto Arjan de Jong
Arjan de Jong
Manager Corporate Clients, NUON
Marijne provided new insights by letting me take a step back and looking at topics from an alternative angle. She helped me in setting personal as well as professional goals. She creates a very open atmosphere, in which you immediately feel at home. Through listening, asking the right questions and leaves the thinking up to me. If you are looking for growth in your personal or professional life and want to establish concrete actions, Marijne is the one to contact!
foto Christian de Wit
Christian de Wit
Analyst, Accenture Consulting
Marijne is attentive and cares for the needs of her client. Her advices help me to improve my non-verbal communication. The advices that she gives are practical and effective. I would certainly recommend Marijne to everyone who is seeking for advices to improve their non-verbal communication.
Maggie Wong-Chan
Risk Manager Capital, Liquidity & Market Risk SNS Bank
Marijne is an excellent coach! Words to describe her: kind, clear, focussed, motivating, witty and creative. She understands her profession as a coach very well. Are you looking for an energetic and relaxed coach – choose Marijne!
Mirjam Zevenboom
Trainer/ Adviser/ Educator, University of Applied Science Utrecht – Faculty Education, Centrum Theo Thijssen
Marijne really knew what she was talking about. She is professional and intelligent and her presence, attitude and approach are really great. She is also very proficient in the English language which really helped during our sessions. Marijne made me realize what i should focus on in order to make me happy and to get the best out of myself. I would definitely recommend her to my colleagues.
Simone Hackett
Lecturer, Internationalisation HU University of Applied Sciences
Marijne quickly manages to create an atmosphere of trust, that had a positive effect on my learning curve. Moreover, her practical approach gave me direct tools to apply the learnings in practice.
Daphne Henning
Senior Marketing Manager, KPN
Marijne guided me in an executive coaching process during one of my interim assignments. She explicitly shared responsibility for the outcome of coaching, but at the same time was clearly in control of the development process. Marijne is a senior professional with a quick understanding of the coaching question context and the possibilities she can offer for support that makes a difference. With her, I was able to learn that my action perspective in complex situations is much greater than I could have imagined for myself.
Joost van der Velden
Interim and Change Manager
‘Break the barrier’ reflects how I experienced the coaching sessions with Marijne. I had the pleasure of working with Marijne on refining personal goals, setting clear actions and she coached me superbly in applying new techniques to change certain perspectives. Marijne has the ability to quickly connect as a person/coach, she creates a open and warm environment and turns thoughts into actions that support personal and professional growth. I highly recommend Marijne as an Executive Coach.
Thomas van Schie
Senior Manager, Accenture Consulting
In the coaching sessions she really helps you sharpen your learning goals and she provides a lot of guidance in reaching those goals. Marijne is very capable of adapting to the needs of the client, by combining theory with a large variety of practical exercises and experiments. I highly recommend Marijne, if you are looking to develop your professional and/or personal skills.
Miriam Hermkens-Janssen
Expert Consolidation and Financial Structures, ASR Insurance
Her guidance has enabled me to discover my required progressions and to recognise and deal with potential pitfalls. Her coaching is enjoyable and worthwhile. I would highly recommend Marijne to anyone who is in need of a boost in their personal skills.
Lishia Teh
Quantitative Geneticist, Rijk Zwaan
With professional curiosity and an open and authentic approach, Marijne brought up exactly those questions that needed to be addressed in order to be able to move on. She accomplishes this with a wide knowledge, with creativity and energy, and moreover with a practical perspective. Together with an excellent coach like Marijne you van make progress, more quickly, more effectively and with concrete results. And that’s what counts.
Maurits Eijkman
Consultant Marketing & Communication, Technical College Leiden

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