How would you define a good leader? Is it someone who’s able to
delegate, communicate, and inspire?

Now how about a truly great leader? To earn that title, it takes coaching and
hard work as you teach your team to become more effective and powerful.

So how do you begin to coach your employees when your days are often filled with
complicated — and oftentimes pressure-filled — situations?

It starts with doing the powerful inner
work and digging deep.

When we work together, we’ll explore:

  • What triggers you
  • Your beliefs, assumptions, values, and ambition
  • How to embrace differences and make them a part of your team’s success
  • How to deal with dissonant voices or dominant behavior of others
  • Building trust and becoming more confident
  • How to be inclusive, let others grow, let go more of control
  • And much, much more.

Over the course of six months, we’ll increase your leadership effectiveness as we embark
on a process that’s both proven and completely customized to your needs.

 The 3 phases of the coaching proces

Phase 1

We’ll identify your best leadership practices — and your challenges.

Where you’ve been stuck, we’ll move you forward. Where you have blind spots, I’ll
help you see. Where you’ve been frustrated, we’ll get at the root causes and find solutions.

Phase 2

Along the way, we’ll continue to identify specific needs and measure your progress.

Each month, for six months, we’ll have two sessions or calls together. In these sessions, you’ll set your own action steps for implementation.

Phase 3

You’ll complete powerful implementation assignments, due before each session.

I’ll also provide you a list of resources to help you further. Every step, I’ll hold you accountable to follow-through in order to see results of new behaviour in your life and work.

When our work together concludes, you’ll have:

  • An increased sense of pro-actively choosing your behaviour
  • Awareness of your intended and unintended impact on others
  • A wide range of interventions at your fingertips
  • Complete comfort using the tools, insights, and vision to implement incremental changes in your behavior and environment
  • The power and skill to create the legacy you desire to create


Throughout our journey, I’ll be available to you anytime via email

As a coach I’ve spent many years observing people, asking questions, being curious, checking assumptions, learning, and becoming aware of my own interpretations. I keep myself open to multiple truths, synchronicity, and vulnerability as I keep my compassion intact.

There are so many elements of the human experience — so much to know and to unravel your existence and revolutionize the way you live, love, communicate, lead, raise children, educate, and contribute to the world.

I’m honored to help you challenge and rediscover your own unique way of leading
your team or organization, as we do the inner work to bring you into alignment with your greatest potential.

Coaching with LIVVIT

If you are working at an University of Applied Science, the coaching can be reimbursed through Zilveren Kruis / Achmea Insurance. This is possible through the LIVVIT-agreement. See more in the Livvit guide 2019. The coaching consists of five impactful sessions. Every employee can make use of such a coaching process every calendar year.

let’s explore how you can reach your goals.

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