Coaching with LIVVIT

If you are working at an University of Applied Science, the coaching can be reimbursed through Zilveren Kruis / Achmea Insurance. This is possible through the LIVVIT-agreement. See more in the LIVVIT-guide 2019. The coaching consists of five impactful sessions. Every employee can make use of such a coaching process once every calendar year.

Goals for a coaching trajectory can be:

  • Reclaiming control of your own situation
  • Restoring a healthy balance in work and life
  • Prevention of fall-out due to illness
  • Support on remaining motivated at your work
  • Learn to cope with high pressure and workload

How does it work?

The moment the need arises for coaching, you and your supervisor can request the coaching for you. It is important that the application form clearly states the company name and the name of the preferred coach. In addition to Marijne van den Kieboom, Ariaan van Sandick also provides coaching via LIVVIT through AANgaan.

Please note that on the application form one should tick the box ANDERS (which means different) and insert the name of the coach (Ariaan van Sandick or Marijne van den Kieboom) + the name of the company AANgaan. See these examples here:

The coaching

Coaching can start as soon as LIVVIT has given approval to the coach and to your manager or HR-contact person. We start the first session to get acquainted and make agreements about the process. The coaching consisted of five meetings. The content of the agreements are customized based on your goals. The coaching concludes with an evaluation and possibly a final interview with your supervisor, if you wish.

More information about LIVVIT: LIVVIT-guide 2019

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