Ready to rediscover and challenge yourself? 

You’re a talented, dedicated hard-working, standout leader. You’re confident in your abilities, and you know what? You are successful, by any definition. There’s so much to be proud of.

And yet, you have a sense there’s still room to grow — what a gift!


  • To rise to the level of a truly great leader
  • To ask the hard questions of yourself
  • To lead by example by exploring what triggers your ineffective behaviour
  • To build teams or organizations that excel with matching results


I’m Marijne van den Kieboom, Executive Coach & Leadership Trainer.  My passion is empowering mission-driven organizations and leaders like you to amplify your impact, unleash your full potential, and support others’ growth to
build a thriving organization.



 My interdisciplinary approach to executive coaching delves into:

  • The development of coping strategies

  • The root cause of conflicts – internal and external

  • Neuroscience

  • Family constellations

  • Shamanism

  • And so much more…

Isn’t it fascinating how we’re all wired differently? How we’re all collections of
stories that we tell ourselves and each other?

Every action

Every intention
Everything interconnects
We all are connected…

Marijne provided new insights by letting me take a step back and looking at topics from an alternative angle. She helped me in setting personal as well as professional goals. She creates a very open atmosphere, in which you immediately feel at home. Through listening, asking the right questions and leaves the thinking up to me. If you are looking for growth in your personal or professional life and want to establish concrete actions, Marijne is the one to contact!

Christian de Wit

Analyst, Accenture Consulting


Leadership in the 21 st century is all about providing a safe haven where others can flourish and where co-creation is encouraged.

When a great leader emphasizes awareness and deep listening, the result is co-leading, rather than old-school management techniques.

Rediscover to

Work can be a place to make use of your talents, values, and ambitions. A place where you can develop yourself as a person and a professional.

Investing in the personal development of people will unlock the full potential of your organisation: it will transpire to the growth and development of your organization.

Boost progress

Therefore, I believe leaders should always invest in their own awarenessand development to become true role models in communication and behavior — to build a culture of growth, resilience, innovation, and creativity.

Or let’s explore how you can reach your goals

Are you ready to walk your talk as you
dare to lead with clarity and vulnerability?

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